Winter Nutrition by – Dt. Shahenaz Shaikh

Winter Nutrition by – Dt. Shahenaz Shaikh

Keeping the body well nourished & maintains a healthy diet is a challenge in winter season. Winter holidays with lots of focus on the enjoyment of food are the major obstacle to maintain a healthy routine. Excess intake of refined flour, salt, sugar, alcohol makes stress on immune system. To boost the immunity level & fight the germs that cause the cold & flu include the food rich in antioxidants, vitamin C & beta carotene.

1. Millets are good choice in winter to fulfill the requirement of energy.  Finger millet ragi is a powerhouse of a nutrient excellent source of calcium, potassium & iron. Perfect winter millet to all age group from paediatrics to geriatrics.

2. Veggies like cabbage, carrot, broccoli, spinach, tomato, potato, onion, garlic & red pumpkin generate more heat in the body.

3. Seasonal fruits like oranges, guava, pear & papaya are most helpful to maintain the health in winter season.

4. Inclusion of hot beverages like soups, ginger tea, green tea & hot turmeric milk are beneficial.

5. Top up your body with sunshine vitamin (vitamin D) with the intake of eggs, paneer, cheese & yogurt as requirement of vitamin D is little bit high in winter.

Dt. Shahenaz Shaikh

Clinical Nutritionist & Registered Dietician

Inamdar Multispecialty Hospital

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