Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Food that is good for your teeth include:

Onions-they have anti microbial properties that neutralize the bacteria causing gum disease and cavities.

Leaf green vegetables-contains vit c which reduces inflammation. Requires more chewing thus stimulates flow of saliva which helps clean teeth and keeps gum/teeth helthy

Celery/carrots/apples-cruchy fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre requiring you to chew more, this action generates more saliva that has a cleaning action on teeth

Milk ,yogurt,cheese-dairy products contain calcium and proteins like casein that help neutralize the acids that are produced by oral bacteria and also help to strengthen bone

Peppers/citrus foods-contains vit c that has anti-inflammatory properties eg-orange,kiwi,pineapple,strawberries,bell peppers. Excess of citric foods though can cause enamel to erode over time making them more susceptible to decay.

Foods like candies,ice cubes,acidic beverages,caffeinated and sweetened teas and coffees,sticky, crunchy foods,sodas, sports drinks and alcohol are all bad for good oral health.


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