A 26 years old male patient from U.A.E. reported to the Dental dept OPD of INAMDAR MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL, PUNE, with a complaint of deviation of the lower half of the face associated with severe asymmetry. His face appeared elongated with a severely protrusive lower jaw. Due to this his upper and lower teeth did not meet at all. Due to his developmental deformity only one molar tooth was in contact with its counterpart in the opposing arch. This made mastication almost impossible.

In order to treat this condition a “ MANDIBULAR BILATERAL SAGGITAL SPLIT OSTEOTOMY” was planned by MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON ( Dr.Deepak Kaul). All the required investigations ( pathology and radiography) were done preoperatively. The surgery was carried out and everything went as per plan. Periodic photographic records were taken weekly for three weeks.