1. On 3rd December we have conducted camp in Bhimnagar Vasahat,Kondhwa. The main aim of conducting this camp was to give free treatment to the patients who are from economically poor background. The caption for the camp was “ Qamaa-daya $gNaalaya garIba $gNaaMcyaa darI”. We have checked total 192 patients. Those patients who need further treatment or investigations are referred to Inamdar Hospital.

2. On 10th December we have conducted general medical health check up camp for labourer and slum people on construction site in Lohgaon. We have checked total 318 patients in this camp.


Type 1 diabetes is sometimes called insulin-dependent, immune-mediated or juvenile-onset diabetes. It is caused by an auto-immune reaction where the body’s defence system attacks the insulin-producing cells. The reason why this occurs is not fully understood. People with type 1 diabetes produce very little or no insulin. The disease can affect people of any age but usually, occurs in children or young adults. People with this form of diabetes need injections of insulin every day in order to control the levels of glucose in their blood. If people with type 1 diabetes do not have access to insulin, they die.
Type 2 diabetes is sometimes called non-insulin dependent diabetes or adult-onset diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes do not usually require injections of insulin. Usually, they can control the glucose in their blood by watching their diet, taking regular exercise, oral medication, and possibly insulin.
Type 2 diabetes is most common in people older than 45 who are overweight. However, as a consequence of increased obesity among the young, it is becoming more common in children and young adults. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and accounts for 90-95% of all diabetes.







 Date  In-House Camp Details  Attendance  Approx   Place
26-09-2011 Opthalmic Camp for Cataract Surgeries 80 Hospital
15-01-2012 Diabetic Check up & Lecture 100 Hospital
16-01-2012 Diabetic Check up & Lecture 100 Hospital
30-01-2012 Dental Check up Camp 50 Hospital
07-03-2012 BMD Screening Camp for Women’s wellness club 180 Hospital
11-03-2012 Free Camp & Lecture on World Kidney Day 120 Hospital Auditorium
28-03-2012 RIMS International School Health Camp 200 Inhouse
29-04-2012 Kausar Baug Sr.Citizen Health Check Up 150 Inhouse
11-06-2012 Knee Replacement Camp 100 Inhouse
01-07-2012 Blood Donation Camp 50 Inhouse
01-12-2013 Dental & Skin Free Camp 20 Inhouse
13-01-2013 Dental & Skin Free Camp 20 Inhouse
25-04-2013 Oral Cancer Camp has been Held from 25-04-2013 to          05-06-2013 20 Inhouse
26-09-2013 CME on Ballon Sinoplasty 80 Inhouse
29-09-2013 World Heart Day camp 50 Inhouse
15-10-2013 World Global Hand Washing Day 70 Inhouse


Date Corporate Camp Details Attendance Approx Place
14-06-2011 Laborers Health Check up Camp @ The Lattitude 90 Ahura Builders,NIBM Site
14-10-2011 Dental Check up @ Max Bupa 18 Max Bupa Office,Unviversity Circle
17-10-2011 Health Check up Camp @ Bag Electronics 70 Near Sihaghad College,Yewlewadi,Kondhwa
24-11-2011 Dental Check up Camp @ Bajaj Allianz 150 Bajaj Allianz,Near Grand Hyat,Viman Nagar
12-07-2011 Lecture on Diabetes Management@ Max Bupa 72 Max Bupa Office,University Circle
12-10-2011 Dental Check up Camp  @ Bajaj Allianz 50 Bajaj Allianz,7 Loves Chowk,Swargate
07-03-2012 First Aid Training @ BAG Electronics 100 BAG Electronics,Yewlewadi
20-03-2012 Laborers Health Check Camp @ The Latitude 110 The Lattitude,Ahura Builders,NIBM Site
25-04-2012 Health Check- up Camp 100 Western Metal Industries,Hadapsar
27-04-2012 Health Check- up Camp 80 Western Metal Industries,Hadapsar
12-09-2012  Vishay Components(Eye Camp) 250 Loni Kalbhor
28-09-2012 Health Check Up camp @ Bag Electronics 100 Yewlewadi,Kondhwa-B-28
03-10-2012 General health Check Up @ Tata Technologies 80 Hinjewadi,IT park
04-10-2012 General health Check Up @ Tata Technologies 80 Hinjewadi,IT park
23-10-2012 Dental Camp @ Tieto Technology 100 EON Kharadi
01-05-2013 HIV Awareness training @ DNV Realty 150 Elite Homes,Tathawade
05-01-2013 Blood Donation Camp @ DNV Realty 50 Elite Homes,Tathawade
15-01-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp@Micasa 75 Near Sanjaeevani Hospital,Hadapsar
19-01-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp@Gera’s Isle Royale 86 Chandani Chowk
24-01-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp@ Gera’s View One 70 Behind Kharadi IT Park
02-06-2013 HIV Awareness training @ Gera’s View-1 100 Behind EON IT park,Kharadi
02-06-2013 First Aid Training @ Gera’s View-1 100 Behind EON IT park,Kharadi
02-07-2013 HIV Awareness training @ Gera’s Isle Royale 125 Near Indsearch Institute,Bhavdhan
02-07-2013 First Aid Training @ Gera’s  Isle Royale 125 Near Indsearch Institute,Bhavdhan
02-08-2013 Cardiac Session@ Glam India 80 Marisoft III,Marigold Complex,Kalyani Nagar
22/02/2013 First Aid Training Program @ Kumar Beharay Properties 60 Behind Mahatma Society,Kothrud
07-03-2013 First Aid Training Program @ College of Events & Media 50 Lane.No.5,Koregaon Park
08-03-2013 Breast & Cervical cancer Lecture @ Red Hat 60 Tower-10, Magarpatta City,Hadapsar
09-03-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp @ The Lattitude, 100 Ahura Builders,NIBM,Off Salunkhe Vihar
20-03-2013 Eye & Dental Check up Camp @ You Broad Band 90 Shivaji Nagar
22-03-2013 Dietetics & Nutrition Health Talk @ Glam India 50 Marisoft III,Marigold Complex,Kalyani Nagar
04-04-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp@ SAI ganga 92 Undri,Pisoli
30-05-2013 Lifestyle Management Health Talk @ Aam Asia Services 40 Weikfiled IT Park, d-wing,Viman Nagar
31-05-2013 Educational Campaign Against Smoking @ Mahindra & Mahindra 60 Chakan, Behind IT Talawade Park
05-06-2013 HIV Awareness training @ The Latitude 80 Ahura Builders,NIBM Site
05-06-2013 First Aid Training @ The Latitude 80 Ahura Builders,NIBM Site
27-06-2013 Dental Health talk@ Aam Asia Services 40 Weikfiled IT Park, d-wing,Viman Nagar
28-06-2013 CommonGyneac problems in Women@Aptify 50 E-Commerzone, Yerwada
30-07-2013 Common illness, signs & symptoms in rainy season @ Eaton 120 Ranjangaon MIDC
05-08-2013 Stress Management @ Vishay Components 80 Loni Kalbhor
27-08-2013 Cancer Awareness health talk @ Aam Asia Services 40 Weikfiled IT Park, d-wing,Viman Nagar
28-08-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp@Swaraj 138 Moshi
30-08-2013 Health talk on Ergonomics@ Apatra 250 SP Info City, Fursungi
05-09-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp@Hill view Residency 104 Near Mahatma Gandhi Society,Kothrud
12-10-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp@BA Vermont 124 Next to Raisoni College,Wagholi
25-10-2013 Annual Health Check up@ BAG Electronics 62 Near Sihaghad College,Yewlewadi,Kondhwa
23-11-2013 Laborers Health Check up Camp@Ahura Builders 75 North Main Road,Liberty Society,Opp.Lane.No.5,Koregaon Park
13-8-2015 Health Checkup and Diet consultation 300 Suzlon corporate office
Date Outdoor Camp Details Attendance Approx Place
27-06-2011 Palki Health Check up Camp @ Big Bazaar 255 Big Bazaar, Pune-Solapur road
08-08-2011 Health Check up Camp @ Kroot Memorial School 1100 Opp.Ruby Hall,Azad Nagar,Salunkhe Vihar
19-09-2011 Health Check up Camp @ Urli Kanchan 114 Loni Kalbhor
26-09-2011 Health Check up Camp @ Kendriya Vidyalaya School 1224 Lullanagar
12-11-2011 Diabetic Camp & Diabetes Management Lecture 50 Shanti Heights,Khadi Machine,Kondhwa
25-12-2011 Health Check up Camp  @ Sardar Community 250 Cycle Society,Camp
26-12-2011 Diabetes Camp @ Kondhwa Police Station 70 Kondhwa Budruk
29-01-2012 Diabetic Camp @ Roshan Masjid on Eid-Miladun Nabi 80 Roshan Masjid,Bhawani Peth
04-03-2012 Cardiac Screening Camp @ St.Peters Marthoma Cathedral 50 Jambulkar Chow, Fatima Nagar
06-03-2012 Diabetic Camp & Lecture by Dr.C Rao @ Wanowrie Police Station 80 Wanowrie Police Station
10-04-2012 Gyneac & Dental Camp For Mahila Bachat Ghat 80 Mahila Bachat Ghat,Kondhwa Branch
20-04-2012 Eye Check up Camp 75 Siddhart Nagar,NIBM,Kondhwa
20-05-2012 Diabetic Camp @ ICICI Direct 60 Lake Town Housing Society, Bibwewadi
02-09-2012 Health Check up camp @ Shia Trust 75 Guruwar Peth
18-09-2012 Health Check up Camp @ Kroot Memorial School 1700 Azad Nagar,Salunkhe Vihar
23-09-2012 Pleasant Park Society @ Ganapati Festival 110 Opp.Lane of Big Bazaar,Fatima Nagar
01-10-2013 St.Peters Marthoma Church 50 Khadki
18-01-2013 General Health Check up Camp @ Hollywood Gurudwara 200 Near Race Cource,Camp
25-01-2013 Madrasa Baitul Maal on Eid-Miladun-Nabi 175 Welcome Hall, Kondhwa
02-05-2013 Health Check Camp @ Kondhwa Municipal School 175 Kondhwa Khurd
20-02-2013 General Check up @ Prodigy Public School 280 JSPM Campus, Wagholi
21-02-2013 General Check up @ Prodigy Public School 260 JSPM Campus, Wagholi
25-02-2013 Blood Donation camp @ Reliance Mart 25 Tain Square,Fatima Nagar
28-02-2013 General Check up @ Prodigy Public School 250 JSPM Campus, Wagholi
03-02-2013 General Check up @ Prodigy Public School 185 JSPM Campus, Wagholi
13-04-2013 Health Check up Camp @ Gurudwara 125 Near Bishops School,Race Cource Road,Camp
14-04-2013 Health Check up Camp @ Gurudwara 30 Near Bishops School,Race Cource Road,Camp
03-07-2013 General Check up Camp @ Palki Procession 1100 Opposite Big Bazaar, Pune Solapur Highway
20-07-2013 General Check up@Kroot Memorial School Camp 1700